Reminder: There will only be 1 class today at 0930. Also, there are still 2 Saturday classes tomorrow, July 6 at 0830 and 0930.

What do you hear when you are in the middle of a WOD?  Do you hear the music playing?  Do you hear your coaches cues?  Do you listen to the rhythm of your rope when performing dubs?  Can you hear your rapid breathing when you struggle to inhale that fiery air into your lungs?  What do you hear when you WOD?

During my first competition, I tuned everyone and everything out but my judge.  I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, it’s just what happened.  My focus was on performing every rep perfectly to make every rep count.  I didn’t hear the crowd cheering, nor did I know what song was playing.  It was all just background noise.

Lately during my WODs, I’ve begun to listen to the rhythm of each movement I perform.  From my box jumps to my dead lifts and even my breathing.  Trying to actively listen to determine if I need to control my breathing better to force that oxygen down.  To improve my dubs, I try to listen to the pace of my rope every time it hits the ground.  Am I going too fast, too slow, landing too hard?  Am I keeping the same pace as my last round of dubs?

This active listening helps us as athletes.  It forces us to focus on the pace of our movements as we chip away at each WOD.  It teaches us to take notice of how hard we are breathing and to manage our rate of inhalation and exhalation.  While it may take some practice as we also try to keep track of our reps and rounds, I encourage you to listen to more than just the music playing in the background and listen to the rhythm of your movements.

WOD 07.05.2013

Jerk 3 x 2

Battle Rope