Most of you know I travel on a weekly basis for work.  Generally, I pack enough food for my trips to maintain an as paleo as possible diet but on occasion I like to venture out and try the local cuisine.  Recently I travelled through Kansas City, Missouri for the first time and being the BBQ lover extraordinaire I had to try some Kansas City BBQ. 

After some research, I decided on Smoke Box BBQ.  I came in for lunch and ordered the burnt ends (charred ends of a smoked brisket) and the pork ribs.  Both were fairly tasty though I really enjoyed the burnt ends.  The style of bbq sauce in Kansas City is typically thick and sweet which is a bit much for me so I ordered the sauce on the side.  Speaking of sides, if you’re trying to keep things paleo, your only option is the garden salad.  Otherwise, they have lots of non-paleo options (potato salad, steak cut fries) great for cheats.  So, if you’re ever in Kansas City, make your way over to Smoke Box BBQ.  It’s definitely worth a visit.


Rest Day 01.23.2011

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January 23, 2011 at 10:17 AM

Ok now that’s just unfair!!

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