Taking a cue from Avelyne’s post on an out-of-state BBQ joint she came across, I too have a noteworthy restaurant to mention.

During my trip this summer to Zion National Park (also see Ruth’s post about Zion), I chose to stay in the nearby city of St. George. When I travel I like to explore outside of chain restaurants to see what kind of unique offerings they may have. Thankfully with the advent of Yelp mobile, you can usually get pointed in a better direction than without. On my trip, I was really craving a good steak and when I saw the listing for Gun Barrel Steak and Game House, I was sold. (Okay, it did help that the reviews were generally positive.) Oddly enough, my mom had stopped here months previously on a trip and told me about this place where she got an elk chop but I had forgotten the name.

The setting is much like a rustic log cabin lodge and as I mentioned, elk is on the menu. For the less adventurous, they have plenty of beef, chicken and fish choices to try. However, those who are excited by the “game” part of the restaurant’s name will be rewarded by venturing outside the common cow for bison or elk. I choose to go for the mixed grill plate which is definitely for the larger appetite (hint: Sean). The offerings seem to change, but mine came with an elk chop, a buffalo BBQ rib and a large cut of buffalo prime rib. For sides I went with the vegetables and sweet potato which comes with a very not paleo — but quite tasty — maple butter.

Since St. George is just outside of Vegas and on the way to many ski resorts in the state of Utah, many of you may find yourself nearby. If you do, I strongly encourage you to give Gun Barrel a try!

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February 3, 2011 at 10:44 AM

thanks marcus… i hope they have salad =P

speaking of zion, i did that hike in the picture ruth posted! so cool.

maybe we can get an intrepid trip to yosemite going this summer, and hike the half dome :)

Yeah, that picture of that hike is what inspired me to go! And no Pooja, this wasn’t the recipe I told you would be coming soon. :P