Yesterday, Intrepid WLC lifters Sean and Jake traveled to CrossFit Invictus who was gracious enough to host a Weightlifting Open. It was Jake’s first meet and Sean’s 3rd. It was my 2nd meet coaching and I was still pretty nervous. They did incredibly well, each completing 6 out of 6 lifts! They also received much kudos from Coach Burgener after the meet who complimented them on their form.

Jake looked good in his warmups but since it was his first meet, we wanted to be conservative with his openers. He did an excellent job staying cool, calm, and collected, only lifting when he was told to. Any of you who have participated in a meet know exactly how hard it is not to warm up an hour before you lift! He opened his snatch with 62, and went on to hit 66 and 70 without a hitch. Sage turned to him after one lift and complimented him on his good form!

With the snatches out of the way, he warmed up his C&J’s, which looked amazing. He opened with 81 and nailed it. We bumped up to 86 and saw that he had more in the tank. Here’s where we took a gamble and pushed his last lift to 94. It was a huge jump, but it bought him some time to do an intermediate lift in the warm up area. He went back on the platform, nailed 94, and finished off his first meet with zero no-lifts!

Sean’s warm up attempts were a bit trickier since there were quite a few lifters before him. He was well rested and moving really well so we bumped his opening snatch to 84 and he got it. He then snatched 87 and finished with 92, which turned out to be his best snatch of the day. For his C&J’s his warm ups also went up so well we bumped his opener to 122, followed by 128, and 132, which was a PR! He totaled 224, which is a meet PR of 12kg!

I was so proud of Jake, Sean, and Al (who represented CrossFit Inland Valley tremendously). They stayed calm and focused but were also able to enjoy themselves at this meet. Thanks to CrossFit Invictus, Coach B, and the Intrepid Fam who came all the way out to be part of the Cheer Squad (roadie edition).

A week from today we’ll be holding our CFI In-House meet at 11am. There will be a $10 buy in, with cash prizes for the top female and male lifters. Sign ups are on the board in the gym. Come out to lift or just to cheer on our lifters (bring your shoes just in case!!). No singlets required but they’re welcome if you got em!

REST DAY 2.06.11

4 Responses to “Invictus Weightlifting Meet Recap”

February 6, 2011 at 6:22 AM

Congrats Sean and Jake, that is really impressive!!! 6 of 6 lifts and a 12 kg PR!?! It’s awesome to hear Coach B complimenting Intrepid form, way to represent guys! So exciting!

February 6, 2011 at 6:22 AM

Simply amazing.

Nice work everyone!

February 6, 2011 at 9:24 AM

Yea!! Impressive guys. Great job.

February 6, 2011 at 10:44 AM

Jake and Sean…badass.