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Holiday season is fast approaching and so is the impending carb-fest that has become synonymous with ‘tradition’ for Thanksgiving feasts. However, instead of becoming relegated to the standard turkey smothered in different incarnations of gluten meal, try instead to make intelligent decisions instead of leaping off the wagon into an abyss of a carb hangover that will keep you fuzzy through New Year’s!

Here are some tips that may help:

1. Prioritize your palate: First trip around the family buffet table (who are we kidding? I know that will be an amrap in itself), fill your plate with some good protein and green veggies. Whatever room is left, top off with ‘the other stuff’ starting with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, then stuffing if you must (least gluten/sugar first).

2. BYO: Take this opportunity to introduce your friends and family to tasty healthier alternatives. Bring some homemade paleo or primal alternatives from Whole 9 or the gluten-free ones from Elana’s Pantry. Take matters into your own hands so you aren’t limited to what is being prepared for you. Redefine traditions and show your loved ones that healthy can still be tasty!

3. Leave leftovers behind: If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your place, send your guests home with leftovers so you won’t be tempted to repeat the carnage for the next few days.

4. Earn your cheat: Sign up for local Turkey Trots, Fun Runs (shush Brian) on Thanksgiving Day. Or get your family outside (weather permitting) for a friendly game of CrossFit Dodgeball, touch football, or frisbee golf.

My Thanksgiving Menu:
Whole9 Thanksgiving “Stuffing”
Whole9 Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce

Sweet Potato Mash (yams, cream, butter, cinnamon)
Apple “Pumpkin” Pie
Green Bean Casserole (with homemade cream of mushroom)

Enjoy your Turkey day responsibly by making smart choices, tempering your cheats, and staying active.  Or next week’s WOD’s will hurt that much more… (yeah, that’s right.  I’m not afraid of employing the scare tactic!)

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