Festive little carb bombs!

Announcement: Due to the blizzard conditions on the East Coast, Ruth and Sean’s flight has been delayed until Tuesday. We will be canceling 5pm classes on both Monday and Tuesday while Stephanie and Jacob cover things. Thanks so much to all of you for your understanding and thank you to Steph and Jake for stepping in on short notice!

One of the more frustrating things when following a Paleo diet is getting your doctor on board. Ruth previously detailed her search for a primary physician and I’ve talked about my own negative experience with a typical doctor. The overarching problem as Ruth mentioned is that these doctors have been indoctrinated to believe that the food pyramid is gospel, low-fat is healthy and carbs should form a substantial portion of everyone’s diet. Thankfully, more scientists and nutritionists are coming to realize the error of their ways as shown in the article “A Reversal on Carbs” last week in the LA Times.

Most people can count calories. Many have a clue about where fat lurks in their diets. However, fewer give carbohydrates much thought, or know why they should.

But a growing number of top nutritional scientists blame excessive carbohydrates — not fat — for America’s ills. They say cutting carbohydrates is the key to reversing obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

“Fat is not the problem,” says Dr. Walter Willett, chairman of the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. “If Americans could eliminate sugary beverages, potatoes, white bread, pasta, white rice and sugary snacks, we would wipe out almost all the problems we have with weight and diabetes and other metabolic diseases.”

The full article also discusses the specific ways in which excess carbs wreak havoc on your system, which I’ve touched on before with clips from the movie Fat Head. Luckily, Hulu.com is now featuring Fat Head for free in its entirety. I would highly suggest checking it out, as it presents the technical discussion of insulin mechanism in VERY simplistic terms using cartoons and other clips. Instead of being dry and boring, it is actually quite entertaining. If you have any questions after viewing it, please feel free to either email me or post them to comments. I look forward to discussing the movie with those who watch it!

WOD 12.27.10

Back Squat 3×5

Then, 4 rounds for time:

  • 10 Push Presses
  • 15 Good Mornings
  • 20 Situps

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Michael H
December 27, 2010 at 8:32 AM

I’ve signed up for the UTC Challenge, anyone else in?

December 27, 2010 at 9:38 AM

I totally forgot about that. When is the last day you can sign up?

The box I am going to today at home is doing Annie, how did they know it was my favorite?! Haha!